Friday, 20 February 2009

Are we there yet??

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey."
(Stephen Covey)....

I thought the readers of this blog might be interested in this post on another blog I read, about spiritual/human journeys.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Paradoxical signs (or how to confuse a Q.?)

I am intrigued by signs like 'This door is alarmed' as I always wonder by what and how? Or 'This gate should remained locked at all times', if so why put a gate there if it cannot be used? Why do I mention these? Well...there are the words 'Be still and know that I am God' in a significant place in the Meeting House but I discovered a sign today, which I must paraphrase because I had no means of copying it, which said 'If you are still it will go dark but if you move the light will come on'. ( Not saying where I saw it but it must be in several similar places.)
It has intrigued me for the last few hours. Yes I know what it means but in a Meeting House... well it made me laugh anyway! I wish I had a friend called Jake, Jack or Jacques so that I know that someone would be privy to my mind and humour also.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

On Same Sex relationships

I'm feeling sad and angry at the trouble we seem to be having as a community to resolve the issue of equal rights for same sex couples. This whole debate has uncovered for me the level of non acceptance of same sex couples and our strong attachment to traditional religious marriage. I'm left wondering how much those wonderful words in Quaker view in sex (1963) are a sham. It seems to me we are struggling to live up to our description of ourselves as 'Radical and Contemporary'. I'm sorry this sounds so belligerent, but I'm hoping if I put these words out then I can stop turning them endlessly around in my head.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Thanks Elvis but..

..though I thought I was caught in a trap in the present weather singing songs by you, or anyone else wouldn't help.
The Story
  • Peter had an appointment and after discussion thought he knew where he was going
  • The appointment was cancelled once due to snow and re-arranged
  • Peter set off to be there at the appointed time
  • Peter couldn't find a sign though he thought he found the place. He asked several people who said he was on the right road because where he was asking them it changed its name - and like many places in Sheffield did not have street sign
  • Peter found the place he thought he was supposed to be reinforced by the information given by the people he asked
  • Peter wandered down passing the car park as that was obviously for the block of flats and it must be the building behind he thought he needed
  • It wasn't so Peter walked back but the gates had been closed and were electronically locked
  • Peter wandered looking for a way out. A former gate he saw had been nailed closed when he got there
  • No sign off life in flats from front so Peter wandered around imagining having to wait for ages or if the police might be the best option to call though it might be a waste of time but in the snow who knows
  • Peter saw condensation coming from heating vent from flat in darkness
  • Peter knocked on door and after a few words through the door it was opened
  • A stranger came out and said they'd seen me wandering around. I explained the situation and though they had seen me wandering they came and let me out. What trust.

There has been a learning situation here from me in many ways. We should not fear being lost - indeed I believe Sheffield Ramblers, or a similar organisation, had the motto 'Who ever has not been lost has never been anywhere!'.

Certainly at one point I felt trapped, as I have never been in a gated place other than a car park before, but thanks to the stranger who did not have an over 'Suspicious Mind'.