Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Everything you ever wanted to know about Quakers, but were too afraid to ask

What is supposed to be happening in Meeting for Worship? How do Quakers make decisions? Who runs things in a Quaker Meeting? What are the 'Quaker Testimonies'?

'Quaker Basics' - a new series of Inner Quest sessions to find out all those things no-one ever explained about the Quaker Way...

After Meeting, 12-1pm on:
September 15      The Meeting for Worship and Personal Spiritual Discipline
October 20           The Testimonies
November 17        Quaker Structures and Key Roles in Meetings
December 15        Early Friends
January 19           The Quaker Business Method

Elders are encouraging anyone who is fairly new to Quakers, or who would like to know more about what the Quaker Way involves to come along if possible. Hope to see you there!