Saturday, 31 January 2009

Soul baby

Amy was chatting with her girlfriend, who is pregnant, and they were wondering just when the baby in the womb gets its soul. In line with my post of 6th January 2009 on hosting the spirit, I thought the question should be turned round: When does the soul get its baby? Answer: Probably at the point of conception.


Jan Lyn said...

The soul simply is, and is that which will always remain.

For me, I must say at least at conception. Though I can take this a step further and ponder when the wish becomes will between two humans, that soul begins to be formed and passionately loved in the heart even prior to the gestational period.

How much more love does God whom has planned and created the soul and known the substance and days that were ordained for the soul love it--prior to conception I might add. Might the soul just BE even before we know it very well as inward parts in the womb?

Just thoughts of an empty womb that was once blessed by a creator far more than ever imagined.

Peter Lawless said...

Paul and Jan Lyn,a lot to think about. This is moving into the abortion issue and the question which has split the USA during the recent election campaign. It is a question of choice and I know what mine would be even allowing for the individual and discussion. Life is life and I have met too many of my friends who have had to recover from miscarriages. I am still of no definate opinion in pre-birth matters except that all life is sacred even without considering the soul.
In peace and Friendship

S Fred Langridge said...

What's a soul, anyway? Has my cat got one? If not, why?

(I don't know the answers to any of these!)

Peter Lawless said...

Dear Sharon
Ibelieve that this is determined that what you believe especially in certain Eastern religions. This relates to reincarnation and the soul's journey and the life lived. In sone sects it is possible to be reborn as a stone, plant, animal or human. So I would imagine that it depends on how the cat lives its life as we can die, be be reborn but as a lower or higher form of creation depending on the life which has been lived.
I believe that In Tibetan forms of Bubbhism a baby is offered things from a previous life and if the correct choices are made by the child it is recognised as being the reincarnation of the earler being.
In ancient Egypt in wall paintings the body was often weighed again what looks like a feather, Ma'rat, which was supposed to indicate the journey of the soul as it represented order, the flooding of the Nile and well being.
In previous centuries a dying person was sometimes placed on a balance at point of death to see if there was a loss of weight at the point of death to show the departure of the soul.
This also reminds me of A.Crowley who, at school, created an experiment to see if a cat actually had nine lives but that is by the by.
What is the soul? This minds me of the following:
God made man
Man made relgion
But the devil made theology.

There is (are) something(s)in this life which can be known but not defined so I presume the soul is a mixture of this and your own religious background. All I know is that there is something but as they say
That which can be said in words cannot be known
That which can be known cannot be said in words.
Sorry my Friend this is all I can say at present

Jan Lyn said...

A thought just to clarify, not to interrupt again. I simply was moved by "Hosting the Spirit" in Paul's previous post and this was a short to the point post that was thought provoking to me. I am not here to take a polital stand nor raise pro-life, pro-choice topics or otherwise. It just led me to think a loud on a simple level is all. Paul's comparision of taking care of the Spirit's home and then the soul question in light of a pregnant women was a meaningful, sensitive one which I liked.

I enjoy this blog, but did not mean to give forth an opinion here. Carry on and peace to you all.