Wednesday, 24 February 2010

This is happening Now

You can read Frances Laing's interviews with some of the Yarl's Wood detainees in The Friend (available to read free online here). There is more information on her blog here.


Frances said...

Hello there Craig. Any chance that any Friends up there might ask their M.P to sign the Early Day motion in solidarity of the hunger strikers? I've just received the text from Black Women's Rape Action you can find it here.
not sure if the links work: and scroll down. Best to you all up there Frances

David E said...

Thanks for this Craig and your ealier posting re Christmas gifts.
Have written to my MP and have had the following reply.'On Yarl’s Wood, I’m pretty sure that events have moved on since the EDM was tabled. An end-of-day Adjournement Debate was held on 10th February, before the EDM was laid, I know, but I think since then there have been other developments. I’ll write to Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, to ask for his view on what has happened there and on progress being made on the management review'.
There were a couple of related articles in todays Guardian so things are moving. Keep up the pressure.
Yes Frances the links work ok thanks.David

Anonymous said...