Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The book group met last week to discuss 'Gilead' by Marilynne Robinson. I experienced again that lurch towards new understanding, the sum being greater than the parts, which we sometimes achieve in the group (I think). I arrived having rather dismissed aspects of 'Gilead'. Then discerning friends expressed quiet, deeply held feelings towards the book. Others brought out themes which had passed me by; we weaved a new sense/shape of the book from many strands.

A lot of the talk was 0f fathers and sons and forgiveness and ageing and redemption and The Old Testament. Personally, I ended up saying that I realised the book was beyond me at the moment. I appreciate that clearness, in the Quakerly sense.

And - the cappuchinos are luscious, the carrot cake is exceptional, and we meet in a small private room with new people along every time; you are very welcome. Blue Moon Cafe, 4pm, next meeting 7th August, book is 'The God of Small Things'. See previous post for full program.

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Craig Barnett said...

Thanks for this, it sounds like the bookgroup is full of life.
I love 'Gilead', and also Marilynne Robinson's two other novels, 'Home' (which extraordinarily tells the story of the same events as in Gilead, but from the perspective of the returning 'prodigal' John Ames Boughton), and 'Housekeeping' (a beautifully written story about family).
Look forward to hearing more from the book group's discussions.