Tuesday, 15 March 2011

African haiku

A poetic update from Craig and Kate and kids and Hlekweni....

African Haiku

Blossom floats upwards
White butterflies drifting past
Before the rainstorm

Children trailing home
All morning through the tall grass
School fees still unpaid

Frogs croak in the night
Lightning flickers silently
Lighting up the clouds


Craig Barnett said...

It's so hard to describe the beauty (and sometimes the painful sadness) of this place. Somehow haiku seem to fit.

Nadine Wills said...

They do fit. Thank you for sharing them. I'm waiting to see if a haiku will come in response as that call-and-response dialogue so many haikus have with one another is a very interesting part of the tradition to me. Maybe if not me, then someone else.

Unknown said...

Petal stain earth
Stuck to bare feet
Through the unpaid storm
Aims to learn free