Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Make of it what you can.

My U.S. Friend Jan Lyn sent me this link.

Interesting I find but...not to question Friends...not spontaneous Ministry perhaps?
That said it has the Q sense of fun which is well known amongst us but not to the rest of the world which is represented here I feel. A good form of outreach in many ways though I can see various objections especially the one which has been knocking around for ages, i.e. I am not a Christian but I am a Quaker.
Having been in membership for over 20 years I know the issues that this raises but to change the subject greatly, and not slightly, I was collared by a neighbour today about BYM. He had, as to be expected, picked up on the same sex issue in the popular press. I explained, as best I could, what I understand the expected Minute to read - having not been there.
Should I have called this 'what you will' rather than 'what you can'?
In Friendship

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Simon Heywood said...

I am afraid I'm not in unity with our Friend here in musical terms - I appreciate the sentiments, but I find this particular song just gets on my nerves! Oh well, tastes differ I guess.