Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Reading Rumi

'Lo, I am with you always' means when you look for God,
God is in the look of your eyes,
in the thought of looking, nearer to you than your self,
or things that have happened to you.
There's no need to go outside.

Rumi - Selected Poems


S Fred Langridge said...

Thanks for posting this, Craig.

Ray K said...

"If you cannot pray sincerely, offer your dry, hypocritical,agnostic prayer, for God in His mercy accepts bad coin."


is a quote I came across recently in Clark Strand's book "How to believe in God"


Clark Strand said...

Thanks, Ray. I was introduced to that particular Rumi passage by Sister Benedicta of the Convent of St. Helena, who used to conduct the most remarkable ecumenical retreats at their Vails Gate location (before they all moved to Georgia).