Thursday, 31 December 2009

Ghazal 1

Minor organisms are not aware
Of us, they live at an abstract remove.

A lesser consciousness animates them,
They are dependent on instinct to move.

Looking down on smaller creatures they seem
So fast, almost erratically, to move.

Yet gazing up at grander beasts,I feel
Them ponderous, emphatically they move.

Now if I look higher still when do I
Lose sight of those too fantastic to move?

Tim says: it's a first step to imagine
Unseen giants too ecstatic to move.

I was reading Rumi over the late autumn. I enjoyed the way that the author's self referencing voice appeared in certain poems - the form is the Ghazal. It works in various ways - I chose to use ten syllable lines in couplets. Each couplet ending with the same word and the preceeding words being half rhymes/alliteration/or sound sort of similar! The self referencing voice comes in the last couplet.

In Friendship,
Happy New Year,


Laura Kerr said...

I love this. Thank you Tim. It reminds me of a favourite childrens film (one of the Dr Seuss stories) which was all about worlds living in a dust speck.. or something like that. Its a long time ago.

Unknown said...

Thanks.I remember that story - in fact I probably read it not that long ago!