Thursday, 24 December 2009

Well done

Well done Stanley and Rosie. I try to solve this problem by always having the same brand and colour of socks but here's a real problem how do you stop things creeping into duvet covers when you wash them? Even if washed alone there is always something in the duvet cover!
I know that God moves in mystrious(sic) ways but nothing like the manner of duvet covers and other washing.

I must confess that I have not read 'The Book of Discipline' about this matter but I am sure that other Friends have encountered it but daren't speak to the matter through fear, not of the state but the state of their washing.
I am perfectly willing to accept the maxim 'Never trust a man who, alone in a room with a tea cosy, does not try it on!' but are the strange machinations of washing machines not touching such a profound nature but go even deeper?After all when the light the machine we know that things are happening but do they always come out together in an ungathered Q way?
In Friendship


RantWoman said...

It's comforting to know that socks disappear into your duvet covers, but that tells me nothing about how to find the socks in places where duvet covers are not used. Maybe your duvet covers are really secretly wormholes conducting socks from elsewhere in the universe into your washing machine. Well, are your duvet covers only collecting your socks.

Our Book of Discipline, which we call Faith and Practice, and at the moment I do not feel qualified to opine about whether discipline is involved, is alas also silent on the matter of socks and washing machines and spatial / temporal discontinuities sundering the matched pairs.

Peter Lawless said...

Now you mention it this is not a new issue though the washing machine may have made to more apparent. in days of pshing prams to the local wash-house you could always have thought that they had been joggled off whilst going up and down kerbs but no lomger the case.
Perhaps our Friend from Bath J C-Booth, the astromomer, could address the soacial/tempotal discontinuities you have introduced. As a mere male my exdperirnce is lagely based on samples of washing for one so maybe the sample size has something to do with it. She could put me right about that one. As the old adage goes
How many women are required to change a light bulb?
so I am not making any sexist but only scientific questions here (said he writing the e-mail with a long garden pole from behing the settee!)
Thanks for your help
In Friendship

Rosie Carnall said...

Thank you Peter for your congratulations. For those of you who don't know (and didn't see the article in the Sheffield Star) we've started a small business:
Business is an interesting process and a good challenge! Just to reassure you the socks are made in a factory that meets ethical trading standards.
We're working towards ongoing socks-cess!
Rosie and Stanley

Nadine Wills said...

I now have socks. 3 in fact :-).