Sunday, 15 May 2011

Chinese Whispers

The children’s game known in the UK as Chinese Whispers (in the USA as Telephone or Grapevine) starts with a message that is whispered to the first person, then passed around the group, each whispering what they heard to the next. Mistakes are inevitably made and accumulate, prompting innocent merriment.

Let us say someone once heard a message from the Spirit and wrote it down years later. It was translated and commented on, then the commentaries were freely incorporated into the translated text. Later for political reasons, someone edited the text in a big way, and then that was translated. Chinese Whispers or what?

However it seems to me that probably the Spirit always comes into the world through Chinese Whispers, even if there is only one whisperer.

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Laura Kerr said...

This is good Paul! will you put it in the newsletter too, so our non-blogging Friends see it?