Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thinking and Doing

If you live inside your head, Science, Art and Religion will appear to contradict one-another. This is because, inside our heads, we build systems of knowledge, and in the name of reason, we demand consistency.

If you stay inside your head, only science and logic ultimately make sense. Art becomes nice things to look at to make us feel happy, and religion becomes wishful thinking to calm us when we are afraid – especially afraid of death.

Get outside your head, and Science Art and Religion are thing that we do. And we do things differently. Science tells us how best to use the world to meet our needs. Art tells us how best to view the world to find value in it. And religion tells us how best to relate to the world, including and especially to one-another.


Laura Kerr said...

Yes! this is a really worthwhile train of thought. Not sure I totally agree with you. Art is something that people do which can help them to actually experience the joy of creation, the sheer wonderment and thrill of the world as it exists around us...And science is something that ... for someone like me, scares, and baffles and makes me think 'I dont do that... I don't think like that'. But there's no doubt that these 3 big 'concepts' or human spheres of activity, do interact and overlap and help shed light on each other.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. It really touched upon something.